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So I am sorry I have been quiet here art wise. I have done a series seriously NSFW images that are not allowed to be posted on DA because it does break their rules. However Tumblr and Patreon have different rules on mature content, so they have been featured there instead.

My art Tumblr:
My Patreon account:

Also because I have patron's I do exclusive content for Patreon for them. Plus at the end of last month, I ended up with a really nasty viral infection as well, which I didn't produce any art during because it was really bad! So yeah, hopefully things will settle and I will space things out more! 

:star: :star: Etsy Sale :star: :star:

I am also having a sale on my Etsy store!…;Get 20% OFF all order above £10 GBP until 26th March! Use the code: TUMBLR20 at the check out to get your discount! Please check it out! I have art goodies as well as BJD things! I also hope to expand my art goodies in the future and as I prepare for Dokidoki Manchester in Novemeber 2015. 


Trixiel Sylph Nouveau by Karla-Chan
Trixiel Sylph Nouveau
This is a character of mine, I am hoping to put into doll form soon! I probably should have submitted this days ago, when I actually finished it... especially since it did actually go up on my Tumblr and on my Patreon! It's not even the only thing I have drawn of this character... Yeah... I think I am just see myself drifting away from this place as more and more of my friends do. It is not like I am making new ones in their place, in the same way I would have done years ago. I just feel like dA is dying.

It is a shame, because in it's day it was good. I mean I used to have so much love for this website, but that love is just not there any more. I think the only thing keeping me here is the few friends I have left. Some friends I have been reunited with on other sites, which is good news for that part. Since I have found them again. However there is still many friends I miss and miss quiet a lot.

My art Tumblr is here:
My Patreon is here:

I have free to view work on Patreon as well and really honestly don't mind if people follow me for free, in fact please do. Please do come and say hi because I am very optimistic about this site. I want to make friends on there, I want to show off my art their. Just the potential for money is honestly just an added bonus. Plus Tumblr is well, that is all free any way. I just feel more at home on these sites.  
Shy Girl by Karla-Chan
Shy Girl
Doll: Minifee Chloe 
Face-up by: foolbot

This is my attempt for the High Key photography challenge by Resin-Aperture check out the challenge here:…

This was, way, way out of my normal comfort zone. So I am honestly not sure how well I did with the challenge because a lot of my dolls look high contrast, so the ones with darker skin have light hair and visa versa. So it was a case how do I do this challenge without too much shadows? I know it sounds silly, but I didn't want to change how the dolls look because they are all based on characters. I would rather show them as their characters.

I thought well if I try to show as little of Ki's hair as possible that might help, so I thought about the white lace hood. So hopefully I have made more of the picture High Key. I also did it in black and white because of how red her hair is, and I thought that would take the edge off. I tried muting the colours at first, but that didn't seem to look right. So I went straight up black and white.  However I do really like these challenges because they do make me think in different ways, and try things I would have thought to try on my own. 

I really do feel like a learn a lot from them, so honestly I recommend checking them out. 
Fair-weather Frolicker by Karla-Chan
Fair-weather Frolicker
I actually did this for a Tumblr giveaway contest hosted by which theme was spring. However I kind of really like it, so I thought I would post it here too!

Now my original idea was going to have Xyphos in a very green area and make her look like she was frolicking nude like a typical elf, and hope for a nice clear day to do it. The whole new life, and pretty flowers part of spring…

However I live in the UK…

British summer time officially started today, and guess what? Rain, and lots of it of course! Also since Britain is famous for the rain we get in spring especially since some people believe it always rains here. We call the rain April showers commonly for a reason though. The weather is not due to clear up either, so I though well the rain we get in spring, is a part of spring in the UK. So I thought, well I will use that instead. 

I thought well maybe pose her to make her looking like she wants to frolic, but is not willing to do so in bad weather. So she is hoping that the rain will stop so she can go frolicking. Since she can be a fair-weather frolicker, since that would suit her character more. Since she is a city elf, from the Dragon Age setting. 

Also bare in mind my doll had an umbrella which protected her from the rain, I didn't! I got soaked! priorities right? Lol. Actually I don’t think I could hold an umbrella and use a camera. So I got soaked in the name of art! However people on Tumblr have seemed to quite like the picture so that is really nice. 



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I am a traditional artist and lives just outside Manchester in the UK. As far as work done in the art industry, I do not have much experience but has a T-shirt and program design for a Manchester gaming convention known as "Game Con". I would love more experience and would enjoy computer game concept design, gaming/war-game/miniature figure concept design, card and book illustration or anything along that vein. I don't have any art school experience and is self taught using books, online guides and feedback of others to improve.

Although I do very much enjoy the social aspect of DA and love making friends. I am very thankful to everyone on here who has helped me grow, I could not have done it without you. I am always looking for ways to improve & is happy to receive any advise or critique. My main focus being fantasy art being influenced by anime. I also collect BJDs and very much enjoy the photography aspect of them.

A lot of my BJD work can be found on Tumblr ->

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